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Sunrise international

Sunrise International Inc. was officially established on June 16th, 1986. We are a proudly Canadian company, celebrating 50 years for InnHotels. With a long-standing history of success in the hospitality industry, thanks to visionary leader, Gerry Levasseur, who founded the and literally built it brick by brick, from the ground up.

Today we are a family run business, three generations strong, dedicated to INNHotels and caring for others: Hospitality is our passion, sharing all the things that make life better.

  • Gerry Levasseur, Founder and CEO
  • Helga Levasseur, still the one in charge
  • Lisa Levasseur, President
  • Gerard Levasseur, Vice President

INNHotels has become an established brand, representing ten hotels that provide great value. We offer guests the best in accommodations, incredible locations, exceptional services and unforgettable experiences; Our Promise is to honor Gerry’s pioneer INNspirit and strength of character. To find out more, please visit: INNHotels.com

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What we stand for

   We value our people

Building long-term relationships with all our team members, loyal guests and a strong B2B network to provide a better future for our families through sustainable tourism, economic and community development initiatives.

   We support our local community

We support our local communities by giving back and investing in new initiatives. We encourage our teams, friends and customers to support and be part of our sustainable growth.

   We care about our customers

Great service means effective attention to every guest’s wants and needs.

Our guests often express admiration for our staff and our personalized service is what truly makes us great.

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our mission

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Our Mission, together with our employees, franchisees and diverse network of businesses, is to remain dedicated to serving our guests and local communities. We take pride in working hard to support one another and inspiring others to become their best selves.

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our promise

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Our Promise is to honor Gerry’s pioneer INNspirit and strength of character. To always operate this way, from the ground up rather than the top down, unlike most other corporations of this size. As Gerry has always said; "We are only as good as our staff."